Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Reading through the Passionate programmer by Chad Fowler (If you have not read it yet what are you waiting for?) has motivated me to find ways that I can optimize my daily workflow to create savings that my customer's can realize. One thing that I found that has been causing me pain in an increasing amount as I moved more of my servers onto the EC2 cloud was my lack of a good system for storing and retrieving SSH connections.

Out of that need sshoot was hatched, it is a very simple to use ssh connection manager for use on the command line. It is heavily inspired by the awesome work of Zach Holman on the Boom project. What I tried to do was create a user friendly way to create and open ssh connections by associating them with a friendly name. I had been doing this with .ssh/config file but I would sometimes forget the name I had given to a connection and did not want to open the file and search for the connection I was interested in. Now I can name them what I want and then quickly get a a list of my connections and open one easily all from the comfort of my command line.

Creating a new connection is super simple.

$ sshoot vm ubuntu@
Loaded a new round called vm.

Now you have a new saved ssh connection you can open by typing.
$ sshoot vm

Should want to remove a connection just issue the following.
$ sshoot vm delete

You can clone it here. It is still very much in its infancy but I hope to add more features as time permits. I would love to get any feedback or contributions, so send them my way.

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